Otto Kint - Bass player, composer, luthier


Otto Kint (°1989) is a bass player and composer from Brussels. He started playing bass at the age of 16. 2 years later he entered the Royal conservatory of Brussels to become a professional jazz-musician. Otto picked up the double bass and it quickly became his main instrument. After getting his bachelor degree in Brussels (Christophe Wallemme, Bart Denolf, John Ruocco), he graduated as a master in music at the conservatory of Antwerp (Nicolas Thys, Teun Verbruggen, Ben Sluijs).

All this time Otto composed songs in different styles. After a few years of various musical projects, an intense musical internship in Siena (Italy), a composition course with Kris Defoort and the construction of his own double bass, he started his own band 'Otto Kintet'. Together with 4 young but experienced musicians, each with a distictive personality and musical voice, Otto further explored his compositions.


Projects as sideman



Classical World Music
Sike Clarysse - Guitar
Gielis Cautaers - Percussion
Otto Kint - Bass



Musical project of Hans Van Cauwenberghe, Yao Issifou, Antoon Offeciers and Otto Kint


Keith Canvas



De Vélo

A tribute to Brussels, its possibilities and opportunities.

Musical theater/ Concert